About Us

Marcus McLeod worked constructing geodesic domes in the 1970s. During the 1980s he worked around Australia as a freelance grip on feature films and music videos for bands like INXS and Crowded House. In the nineties he started an Apple reseller and Mac tech support business that he has run for 15 years. By combining these unique experiences he conceived of the idea for, and designed, the Boombandit. Marcus worked with French designer Ray Rabanin on the concept and Ray designed the Boombandit parts in 3D and helped design the specialized injection molding dies.

Everyone these days has a FullHD camera in their pocket, all they need is a Boombandit to get the shots they need to take their videos to a professional level.

Marcus is now dedicated to manufacturing and selling the Boombandit around the world.